3 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Socks

Socks. How often do you think about them? Well, for one, they're great at giving you comfort during colder months. But other than that, nobody gives them a lot of attention... until people realize there is so much more about socks than preventing cold feet. Here are some fun facts you never really expected to learn about them:


The Oldest Pair of Socks Is At Least 1500 Years Old


Whatever the footwear preferences of the cave dwellers may have been, the earliest known socks date from between the third and fifth centuries AD. They were uncovered in the 19th century at a dig site in Egypt near the Nile river, where an ancient Greek society had once resided in a community known as Oxyrhynchus. The unearthed socks have split toes and were made of crimson wool. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has them on display.


The first socks were produced from animal skins gathered and knotted around the ankles. Over time, socks have changed significantly. In pre-industrial times, making socks took a fair amount of time, therefore, they were generally only worn by the wealthy. The footwraps worn by the poor were plain pieces of cloth. Up to the 20th century's conclusion, Eastern European militaries still used these.


Overall, Lost Socks Cost A Person Thousands of Dollars


A science-related query: We lose an astounding 15 pairs of socks each year, according to research conducted by British experts. That's 1,125 pairs of socks in a lifetime! Every month, 84 million pairs of socks—or 1.3 pairs per person—go missing in the UK alone. This adds up to 1,264 lost socks throughout a lifetime, costing a total of £2,528 (about $3,500), assuming the average Brit lives to the age of 81.


Socks are White Because...


Most of us learned to always wear white cotton socks from our mothers and grandmothers.


White cotton socks were regarded as the industry standard when it came to shielding our feet from dampness and blisters. In reality, many people, including podiatrists, still preach the virtues of wearing white cotton socks!


It turns out that white is related to cleanliness and purity. People can readily notice that your feet are clean if you're wearing white socks (especially if you wear them with sandals). This quietly communicates that you are fit, clean, and have money to buy plenty of new socks when the old ones get scuffed!


Most likely, you had no idea there was so much to learn about socks!

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