• The Perfect Gifts for Music Lovers!

    Here Are The Perfect Gifts For Music Lovers If you're searching for the ideal gift for the music lover in your life, look no further! Perri’s Socks...
  • Introducing the Super Fan Sock Bundle

    Introducing the Super Fan Sock Bundle: Elevate Your Sock Game at Unbeatable Savings!
    Calling all music aficionados and die-hard fans, we've got something special in store just for you! Say hello to our latest offering - the Super Fan Sock Bundle. This extraordinary deal is designed to bring you closer to your favorite bands and artists while giving your wardrobe a serious upgrade.
  • Get your feet ready to move in our exciting new licenses lineup!

    With our new line up coming out soon we will feature more bands and artists that you know and love! 

    Did you know that a new pair of socks is one of the most-requested clothing items by the unhoused and people in need? That’s why Perri’s Socks is p...
  • 3 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Socks

    Socks. How often do you think about them? Well, for one, they're great at giving you comfort during colder months. But other than that, nobody give...
  • Why you should plan your next party as a Sock Party

    Themed parties tend to stick in people's memories. The more unique decorations, shows, and activities you provide, the more memorable they will be!...