Perri’s Socks was conceived and designed in Toronto, Canada, by a team of sock experts with over 100 years of experience in the hosiery industry.  Perri’s Socks are for ALL Day, EVERY Day, for EVERY body.  Our mission is to help shape the way you live, to feel our warm welcome and to ride the journey with the brand and never look back.  Be strong, bold, individual, fun loving and independent and be part of a movement of like-minded people.


Launching in Spring of 22, the brand’s street meets sportswear offering includes technical active styles, nostalgic 90’s inspired athleisure styles and everyday comfort styles.  In constant motion and moving at lightning speed, 2022 will see the expansion of new product categories, exclusive capsules, many global initiatives, and collaborations with like minded brands.


Perri’s Socks was born from a universal need for multi-purpose socks, given our fast-paced life.  This trend of wearing active wear all day, showcased a gap in the market for socks that are led by relevant fashion trends and curated seasonal colours.  Working with natural fibers and performance fabrications with technical properties, our products have a clear vision with a distinct signature aesthetic that is highly recognizable.


Our philosophy is centered around quality design and construction while offering comfortable and fashionable products designed to take you from home to street.  The brand reflects a sense of strength in unity and community, encouraging you to find your own style and celebrate an active way of life. 

Since our start we have always been Canadian owned and operated. All of our socks are designed in Concord, Ontario by our team of sock experts.